Closure FAQs


Q. Why is closing?

A. We want to provide the best poker experience for all our players, so we’re welcoming our players to our sister site, We’d love to see you there!

Q. Will re-open at a later date?

A. Unfortunately, we have no plans to offer again in the future.

Account type

Q. Can I get my money back?

A. Yes for an extended period of three months you will be able to withdraw your money via the software.

Click on the cashier button and select the withdrawal option. Following that period you will have to contact our Customer service department

Q. How can I withdraw?

A. You can login to your account on Empire Poker for upto three months after the closure to withdraw your funds. Thereafter you can contact our customer support

Q. Is there a minimum I can withdraw?

A. Minimum withdrawal limit applies depending on your payment processor. If you have an account balance less than the minimum limit, please contact our customer service

Q. I have another account with partypoker, will I be able to transfer my funds there?

A. No, but you can withdraw funds from your account on empire poker and make a deposit on partypoker

Q. What happens to my Points?

A. Unfortunately, your points cannot be redeemed or transferred and will be lost

Q. Can I transfer my account to

A. It is not possible to transfer your account, balance or points from to We recommend that you withdraw your funds from, and open an account at

Bonus related

Q. I am half way through releasing a bonus, will I be compensated?

A. Please contact our customer service to help you with your query.

Tournament related

Q. I was registered for a tournament or I had an unused tournament ticket in my account. What will happen with that?

A. Tickets will be en-cashed, player will be unregistered